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7 & 6 Trade Edition

Robert Therrien’s second exhibit in the gallery was the occasion of the publication of a bilingual collaboration between the artist, the French author Michel Butor and the American poet Robert Creeley.  


7 Poems by Robert Creeley

6 Arrangements by Michel Butor 

in the context of

32 works by Robert Therrien


In an edition of 1500 copies, the folios of the book were printed on Monadnock Dulcet by the Meriden-Stinehour Press. The 4 color separations negatives were made by the Meriden-Stinehour Press and the single impression tritone negatives  were made by Robert Hennessy. The type, Monotype Gill sans designed by Eric Gill, was set by Michael and Winifred Bixler. The slipcases were made by Publishers Bookbindery. The design was a collaboration by Robert Therrien, Lise Hoshour and Eleanor Caponigro.

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